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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Skin Authority Facial at dana hotel & spa

Stepping into the spa at dana is like hitting a wall of zen. Really, stepping into any air condition building this time of year is its own special nirvana, but dana hotel & spa takes it to a whole new level with its' wonderful combination of pampering and art.  

About a week ago, I went for a Spa Authority facial* and got to experience all of this for myself. When I first arrived, I was greeted by Marlene who showed me around. Immediately, I asked if I could take pictures of my experience and not only was it allowed, it was encouraged. The dual nature of dana as a place of art and beauty as well as a place to live - not just "stay"- was explained to me. That's when I understood that this isn't just a spa experience - it's a moment of zen. Right when I arrived, I was asked to fill out the medical form standard to most spas as well as a sheet specifying any fragrances I wanted to add to my service to further customize the experience. The scents were conveniently, and artfully (obviously) placed on table in the seating area. After filling everything out, I went and changed in a room fit to have a full blog post dedicated solely to it, and was then led to a waiting room with dim lighting, calming music, magazines, and the most delicious water you will ever taste (pictured below). I would gladly take up residence there, if allowed.

Shortly after that, the aesthetician for my treatment, Deanna, came to retrieve me for my facial. Not only did she walk me through each and every step, but she also explained to me the science behind each of the products she used. It was easily one of the most educational facials I've ever had and I learned about Vitamins C and A (and peptides, proteins, glycolic acid, and ton of other things that went in one relaxed ear and out the other) along the way. For instance, despite being popular products in anti-aging regimens, Deanna used Skin Authority's Super C Serum and Vitamin A Cell Renewal on me because they aid in cell turnover and can get rid of acne scarring - something this skin-picker has quite a bit of. After over an hour of skin repair and pampering, I was told to keep my face covered with SPF for the next few days because it would be more prone to burning. Although my skin would slowly begin to clear up over the coarse of a few days, I noticed immediate smoothness and clarity before stepping out of the spa.

I really can't recommend the spa at dana and Deanna enough! If you are in the Chicago area and want to experience this zen for yourself, I highly recommend setting up an appointment with Deanna at dana. But, before you do, pop over to their Facebook page and "like" them to get the skinny on their weekly deals! Booking on a Tuesdays or Thursdays could get you 1/2 off a mani or an extra 30 minutes tacked onto a 50 minute facial (and more!). Just look in the "spa promos" tab after liking to access them. 

Optional scents.

Changing room sinks.
Just because you got a facial doesn't mean you leave the spa at dana looking like it.

I may or may not have gone cucumber crazy after returning home.
*provided by Spa Authority representatives

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