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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Putting on a Good Interview Face with Jemma Kidd's On Location Palette

Jemma Kidd has always been on my list of brands to try at Target. Every time I go, I stroll up and down the drugstore-brand isles and try with all my might to avoid the Jemma Kidd, Napoleon Perdis, and Pixi section. I can't explain it, but somehow it's so much easier to get lost in those products and, next thing you know, you need a swiss bank account a rolling cart to get out of the store. No? Just me? On to the point then.

Jemma Kidd's On Location Palette is a great little everyday set that has just about everything you need to get yourself out the door in a flash while still looking like a fox (a work-place-appropriate fox, that is). It not only comes with an eye and lip primer, but four eyeshadows, a highlighter, and a product that serves as both lip and cheek color. Needless to say, it packs quite the product punch. Before I jump into the quality, performance, and practicality of the products, I wanted to make a note of the packaging. Not only is it functional, but all of the cream products came with plastic protection lightly adhered over top so that any broker powders won't get in them should tho palette get dropped or fondled improperly.

Now that that's done, let's dive more into the products and the interview-worthy look I created using them.

All cream products came with plastic coverings. Love!

Concealer, four shadows, and a creme highlight

Cream blush & lip color
Concealer and eye and lip primer
The eye and lip primer (that I also used as a concealer) is the one thing that will limit this palette to a certain skin tone. It definitely falls in the fair to medium end of the spectrum. But, it's opaque, applies smoothly, and kept my shadow form moving throughout the interview and, more critically, the walk to and from the bus stop. 

Powder shadows
The shadows are all shimmery, but not obnoxiously so. The peach and champagne shades are definitely the most shimmery of the four, but the camel color almost has a satin finish and is a good shadow to blend out crease colors, and the deep chocolate has sporadic shimmer that isn't noticeable when put in the crease. Each of them complements the others well and serve to create anything from a super-naked eye to ultra-smoky goodness.

Cream Blush and Highlight
Lastly, the lip & cheek color is a splendid warm rose shade that will complement most skin types, and the texture is such that it dries down to a powder after working it into the skin. I noticed that it stayed put for the entirety of my hot and sweaty day. The colored base of the highlight leans pinker than the lip and cheek color and it has an excellent gold sheen to it. At first, I was skeptical as to how such a dramatically colored highlighter would look on the cheek bones, temples, and elsewhere. But, I have to say that it looked, and fared, well throughout the day. 

The look below was created using all four eyeshadow as well as the check color and highlighter, but on the lips I have a shade from the Too Faced natural lip palette. I have to say that I loved the end result of creating a face using this palette. If you are looking for the palette to get you through work-day mornings, this tops the charts with quality products and a $23 price tag that can't be beat. If you like neutrals and rosy hues, this palette is for you!

FTC: I did not purchase this product, however I am under no obligation to review or mention it. All opinions mentioned are my own.

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