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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Review: imPRESS Press On Pedicure in Party Girl

I am a die hard fan of the easy-to-apply, long lasting imPRESS Press on Manicure. Ever since trying them last December, I have purchased my fair share of these gloriously instant manicures (as is evident by the set I have on in this picture). So, when I saw their new release for toes sitting on my CVS display, only two words came to mind: Must. Try.

The shade I purchased was Party Girl, a vibrant (read: neon) orange - perfect for summertime toes. I'll admit, just like the first manicure I tried, I was skeptical as to whether the adhesive would hold up to a week of wear on my toes. But, once again, I was surprised to find that they surpassed my expectations. Much like the manicures, the large toe has a tab to pull the plastic flap off of the adhesive before sticking onto the toe. On smaller toes, however, there are little plastic "handles" to hold on and aide in application. Something that was a major help to someone with virtually no pinky toe.

Speaking of the pinky toe, another concern I had was that there wouldn't be a size small enough for my pinky toe, or big enough for my large toe. As it turns out, There were two sizes that were too big for my large toe and a size just small enough for my pinky (and, as a reference, I wear a size 10). Bottom line: there is some wiggle room in the sizing. Other sizing concerns had to do with the length. As it turns out, I have short toenail beds so these were a little long on me. Not so long, however, that they got in the way. They just took some getting used to.

Now for the wear time. My pedicure lasted just shy of one week. Six days of immaculate toes that survived wear both in open toed shoes and on the beach. While polish will stay on my toes far longer than six days, after about a week it begins to look dull and my cuticles will start getting gnarly so I need a polish change anyway. While I definitely don't change it when this happens (they are so far away!) imPRESS pedicures might be a way to keep toes looking perfect until it's time for them to go.

Overall, during the Summer, these are worth the $8 (or around there) for a perfect pedicure that lasts almost a week. I wouldn't commit to these during the close-toed months, but they look fab peeking out from flip flops.

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