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Friday, July 20, 2012

Review & Swatchfest: MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Shadows #20E, #22E, and #30E (shimmers)

The first time I heard of MAKE UP FOR EVER's aqua line, someone was telling me that their budge-proof promises were no lie because the products were formulated for swimmers. After taking time to image how a swimmer would find a use for MAKE UP FOR EVER's wild color selection, I thought, "Must. Try." And the love affair began. Their recent addition to the Aqua collection is the Waterproof Eye Shadow Pencil and promises all of the staying power associated with the line, but in a pigmented, jumbo-pencil applicator. 

This batch of shadows are the shimmery or pearlescent colors and are often the shades I am a slave for because they serve as an eyeshadow, eyeshadow base, and highlighter. 20E is a medium taupe, 22E is a medium copper, and 30E is a pink (similar to Urban Decay's sin). All of these shades are creamy and pigmented with one swipe. I didn't notice pulling or tugging when applying directly to my eye and didn't need any warming up before application either. As far as packaging goes, I love a good jumbo pencil. They are easy to store and transport and these shadows are unique in that they twist up. No sharpening required! What's more is that these pencils come in a durable-feeling rubberized shell. The last quality is wear time and, as expected, these passed with flying colors. I put 30E and 20E on in the morning and applied 8E, a matte green, before going out that night and no touch-ups were needed! That's all-day wear without creasing or fading. I don't have particularly oily lids, even in the summer, so some might need a primer, but I definitely didn't.

Whether or not there is any truth to the swimmer story is irrelevant because these shadows stay true to the aqua line and stay on your lids regardless. If you are a sucker for waterproof cream shadow pencils and you dig neutrals and basic smoky colors done well, these are a must-try!

From the left: 30E, 20E, 22E

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