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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Review & Swatchfest: NYC City Proof Gloss in Cherry Ever After

NYC's City Proof Extended Wear Lip Gloss is a relatively new addition to the drugstore shelves and, given that it's a lip gloss that boast "up to 8 hours" of wear, what girl wouldn't try it?! So many want the healthy, plumping look a gloss can give minus the necessary reapplication every hour. If you can get it at a drugstore price, it's even better!

Cherry Ever After (453) is just as it sounds - a blue-based medium red with a hint of shimmer that's barely visible, even in the sunlight. There is definitely some creaminess to the finish and with ingredients like Jojoba Oil and Kokum Butter, my lips truly felt moisturized during and after wear. Although it glides on smoothly and doesn't sneak into cracks or creases, like many creamy glosses do, it is definitely a sticky gloss (despite claiming it's not). No, you won't have the obnoxious string action when you open your mouth during conversation, but hair, paper, fur, and any number of things will cling to your mouth  and hold on for dear life.

Texture aside, both the color and sheen lasted for a solid 3 hours and even lasted through the majority of a meal. The only thing that did my shine in was the lip patting that comes along with wiping food stuck to the gloss away. I considered pushing this gloss to the time limit, but because I can't really go one hour (let alone eight) without eating and mouth wiping, it wasn't meant to be. Still, given the performance and how budge-proof it was prior to patting, I'm pretty confident I could have squeezed a solid five hours of wear time out of the deal.

So, although I wasn't able to prove the 8 hour maximum on this gloss, I can say that it has better staying power than most. Just know that lip patting is this gloss' kryptonite and and you have to be someone who can tolerate a stickier texture. But, at $3.49 and a drugstore availability, it's worth checking out if you are a gloss fanatic.

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