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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Review & Swatchfest: Pop Butterfly Bronzeblush in Sun Blossom

Pop is a brand that I've always wanted to try products from but, when it came time to make the choice between it and another brand at ULTA (one of the few retailers that carries them near me), I always go for the brand that I'm more familiar with. This, come to find out, was an absolute injustice to the brand because their Butterfly Bronzeblush in Sun Blossom has shown me that their products give you some bang for your buck with quality to boot. The Butterfly Bronzeblush gives you a large compact split right down the middle between a tritone blush and tritone bronzer.  

The bronzer side gives you a medium tan shade with a satin finish that's very close to my skin tone, a warmer, slightly darker shade (also with a satin finish) that serves as a contour, and a light, shimmery highlight shade. It's relatively easy to get the highlight shade alone, but don't count on being able to do the same with the inner two colors. When all three are swirled together, they create a light, satiny shade good for bronzing. But, if you can isolate the two inner shades, you will get a darker shade that's perfect for contouring light to medium skin tones. 

From the left: Inner wing, middle wing, outer wing

The right side of the palette contains three blushes of varying shades of pink to flatter most skin tones. the inner-most shade is a satiny light pink. The middle shade is a slightly darker and, while it looks like a dusty rose in the pan, just comes off as a few shades lighter when worn. And, finally, the outer shade is a deeper, hotter pink that is as close to matte as you can get in this palette. When mixed together, they create more of a dusty pink shade, but, when isolated, give you three distinct colors. However, much like the bronzing side, isolation is hard to do. The darkest shade is easy to get alone, but the inner two are nearly impossible with a typical blush brush. Still, they create a flattering light pink shade that would be great for light skin tones or as a highlighter on darker skin tones.

From the left: Inner wing, middle wing, outer wing

Despite the fact that some of the shades are harder to get to than others in this palette, I see the combinations that can created with each shade as being an asset and making this palette very versatile. They staying power is an average of 6 hours of wear time and the consistency of the product is like butter, but can be a little powdery if there is too much brush swirling action in the pan. To get over 25g of good quality product - and a multitasker at that! - for $26 is a steal in my book and well worth a try next time you go into ULTA.

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