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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Review & Swatchfest: Too Faced Natural Kiss Palette

Let's get back to basics with Too Faced Cosmetics' Natural Kiss Palette. This palette has everything you need from two opaque lipsticks to a gloss and a shimmery overlay. What's more is that each shade is suitable for most any skin hue. On top of it all, they are housed in a palette to make mixing, matching, and layering that much easier. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a fan of potted lip products. The thought of sticking my finger in product and then letting it sit for days oogs me out. But, even to this germaphobe, this palette is worth it. Use this lip brush that comes with it, sista!

The lip shimmer is a virtually clear gloss with a warm gold shimmer. The Beige/Pink Shell lip creme is just as the name suggests and has a frosted finish. Totally Nude Creme is slightly warmer and is the perfect shade for those that constantly suffer from I-Look-Dead Syndrome when they try to wear a nude lip. It has just enough warmth to keep those with warmer undertones looking lively. Lastly, the Maple Gloss really more of another lipstick. It's opaque and has a warmer, pinker hue that doesn't even have a glossier finish than the other shades. I'm not complaining because I have enough gloss to beautify an army. It's just an observation.

Despite coming in a potted packaging, these truly do wear like lipsticks (and are just as creamy) and last for a solid portion of the day. They don't claim to be long wearing, so I was impressed to find that mine lasted for a solid four hours without looking wonky. Still, expect to reapply.

At $24 for four lip products, I have to say that Too Faced Cosmetics' Natural Kiss Palette is worth it. It's a product that could easily find a spot in my everyday face because it goes with everything, is versatile, and portable. If you are a nude lip lover, get it!

Lip Shimmer

Lip Creme

Lip Creme

Lip Gloss

FTC: I didn't purchase these products, but I'm not obligated to mention or review them. All thoughts an opinions are my own.

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