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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pollyseon Releases Stow & Go Essentials for the Beauty Maven on the Run

Credit: Erik Moore
Makeup artists and frequent travelers alike can relate to the need for convenient ways to transport the often abundant amount of beauty supplies they travel with. Between the pesky three-ounce-rule and sometimes awkward shape some beauty tools can assume, finding the right way to store and transport them is the most dreaded part of the packing process (I'm supposed to get my hair dryer to fit where?!). 

Pollyseon takes some of the guesswork out of packing beauty necessities and is now offering up an entire line of Stow & Go Essentials to help the beauty lover, and frequent traveler, make better use of their space while also keeping everything neat and protected. Included in this collection is a Universal Case, Iron Case, Dryer Case, and Carryall. While three of these cases are old to Pollyseon, the Carryall is the newest addition and has enough room to contain the three other carriers and then some. 

The Universal Case ($70) can contain anything from brushes (up to 14, as their video demonstrates) to full-sized liquid products. The Iron Case ($72) is heat resistant (up to 1100 degrees Farenheit)  and keeps flat irons, curling irons, and wands stored compactly so that their cords twist neatly away to avoid tangling. What's more is that a small mat to set hot tools on rolls out to prevent the melting or staining that can come with setting a tool on a bar surface. Finally the Dryer Case ($44) is not only the ideal shape for storing a hair dryer, but it has water resistant pockets inside to keep spilled liquid products from permanently making a mess of your traveling case. 

To hold everything together, Pollyseon is introducing the Carryall ($144) to provide enough room for three previously mentioned cases, and enough structure to keep everything in it's place. The reason I mention structure is that I typically travel with whatever tote I'm using as a purse and it doesn't provide  any kind of rigid skeleton so little things will get lost in little nooks and crannies that are made as I fill it to capacity. This Carryall can store the Stow & Go Essentials collection and more without deforming. 
The entire collection is available for $300 from the Pollyseon website and worth looking at for those who are tired of losing, breaking, and spilling beauty products while on the go. While I haven't tried any of these products, the idea of not having to awkwardly set my collapsable hair dryer on top of a weekend bag already overflowing with a laptop, clothes, and beauty essentials is very enticing.

Universal Case
Credit: Erik Moore

Iron Case
Credit Erik Moore

Dryer Case
Credit: Erik Moore

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