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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Review & Swatchfest: theBalm You're Giving Me A Complexion kit for Light/Medium Skin Tones

theBalm's You're Giving Me a Complexion Kit
theBalm's You're giving me a complexion kit is the perfect cluster of products for achieving a flawless look...without looking too flawless. For $20 at TJ Maxx, this kit includes four full sized products - Balm Shelter, Time Balm, Liquid Time Balm, and Sexy Mama. Each contribute the perfect amount of blemish coverage while ultimately letting natural beauty shine through.

The Balm Shelter, here in light/medium, provides sheer coverage and, while not buildable, provides an SPF of 18 to keep you hydrated and protected throughout the day. It has a really pleasant, fresh scent that has a sunscreen tinge to it, but is mostly composed of a lightly floral aroma. It blends into the skin naturally to leave a finish that isn't matte, but isn't particularly dewy either. Aside from minor coverage, it really serves as second skin.

The lack of blemish coverage on the part of the Balm Shelter is compensated for in this kit by the two concealers that are included. One is the Time Balm and the other a Liquid Time Balm. While they may seem redundant, there is actually a distinct difference not only in texture, but function. Liquid Time Balm should be the first product applied in this kit and used directly on emerging or active breakouts. It contains tea tree oil that is not only relaxing to smell while applying, but dries out active zones on the face so that it not only instantly corrects, but also fights blemishes in the long run. The solid concealer has a thicker consistency that proves perfect for covering coloring issues. Dark under-eye circles, age spots, and even a mascara flub is no match for this concealer. The best part is that, despite it's thick texture, it doesn't cake or run into lines after a long, hot day. In fact, it has been my go-to concealer for the summer for that very reason. Together, these two concealers work to fix any blemish or imperfection you could ever dream of covering.

The last product in the set is the Sexy Mama translucent powder. While I'm not sure about the "tiny oil-absorbing spheres" claim, I can attest to the fact that it keeps shine away for a solid portion of the day and acts as a good mid-day mattifier without looking cakey. Despite looking like it has color in the packaging, it truly does go on sheer which is why there is no swatch included. The packaging is similar to all of theBalm's palette is that it's thicker cardboard with a paper wrapper and magnetics closure. It's very sturdy feeling and even includes a nice sized mirror to make it truly ideal for on-the-go touch ups.

Considering the Balm Shelter retails for $25 alone, for $20 and four full-sized (and, more importantly, good quality) products from theBalm, this kit is absolutely worth it if you can find it. Cross your fingers and check your local Marshalls or TJ Maxx for availability.

theBalm Balm Shelter Tinted Moisturizer 
theBalm Time Balm Concealer

theBalm Liquid Time Balm

From the left: Balm Shelter, Time Balm, Liquid Time Balm

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