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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Review & Swatchfest: Butter London Lippy in Yummy Mummy

Butter London Lippy in Yummy Mummy

Butter London's Lippy in Yummy Mummy is described as a medium beige lip gloss - a true nude. I wouldn't really call it a "nude" as it has a strong grey hue in the tube. Rather "taupe" might be the best way to describe it.

At first I was skeptical about how this wouldn't look like mud on my lips. From the experience I've had with these Lippies before, I know that they can be creamy and almost entirely opaque. I was expecting this to completely wipe out any natural color on my lips. Rather, it sheered out and let a little bit of my natural lip color shine through. Unfortunately, Yummy Mummy had the same problem Snog did and let a little bit too much of my natural lip color shine through in some instances. No matter how many times I layered gloss over the inner part of my bottom lip, the gloss wouldn't adhere for longer than 5 minutes.  On the rest of the lip the coverage was beautiful and surprisingly even considering the almost milky finish this gloss has.

This might not be a problem consistent with all wearers, so I want to talk about some other qualities the gloss has before I pass judgement. The scent and taste of the Butter London Lippy line is notoriously floral. Rather than a fruity something, these glosses taste like potpourri (in the best way possible). The scent is very strong, however. So, those bothered by abundant odor in their cosmetics might think twice before wearing.

Wear time on the art of my lips the gloss actually stays on is pretty good at 3 hours and, like I said before, the wear is very even and creamy with a subtle gloss. But, like I said of Snog, for $17 my gloss has to stay ALL over my lips. If you are a fan of this formula and it works for you, I would definitely check this shade out because it is much more wearable on the lips than the tube. But those with wear issues, like me, will want to look elsewhere.

Butter London Lippy in Yummy Mummy

Butter London Lippy in Yummy Mummy

Butter London Lippy in Yummy Mummy

Butter London Lippy in Yummy Mummy

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