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Saturday, October 20, 2012

New Fall Favorite: Victoria's Secret Seduction Dark Orchid

Promising to be the "ultimate expression of sexy", Victoria's Secret launched a new fragrance line at the beginning of October: Seduction. The first fragrance in the line, Dark Orchid, typifies a warm fragrance with notes of amber, wood, and musk, and is "all about sexy decadence". A breakdown of the fragrance is provided below:


Crème de Cassis, Blood Orange, Victoria Plum, Pineapple Blossom, Bergamot, Yuzu Zest


Jasmine, Red Ginger Orchid, Dark Red Calla Lilies,
Midnight Orchid, Muguet Petals


Smooth Warm Amber, Oud Wood, Tonka Beans, Amber Crystals, Cashmere Woods, Creamy Musk

Those who love fragrances that fade into light, fruity scents might not find this to be their cup of tea. Personally, I'm a huge fan of deeper, amber-laced scents. Much as the note breakdown indicates, the first thing to hit your nose after a spray is a lighter, slightly sharp, citrus scent that quickly fades into a much deeper, muskier fragrance. When dried down, the muskiness remains, but also develops a much sweeter note. The interesting thing about this scent is that it has a hint of smokiness reminiscent of a hearth fire. Perfect for those fall and winter days when you want to take warmth and coziness with you all day. 

While this fragrance is intended to be the embodiment of sexiness worn year-round by "a glamorous provocateur...with a fetish for high fashion", I think anyone with a taste for sweet, sultry warmth will love it during the upcoming cold months. 

You can purchase Seduction Dark Orchid in store or on the Victoria's Secret website. The 1.7 oz retails for $49, while the 3.4 oz is sold for $65.  

FTC: This product is a sample, however I am under no obligation to review or mention it. All thought and opinions are honest and original.

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