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Friday, October 26, 2012

Review & Swatches: IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes Mascara

IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes Mascara

I'm relatively new to the IT Cosmetics brand, but I don't think there is anyone who hasn't heard of IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes 5 -in-1 Volumizing Mascara. I was introduced to it months ago when my grandma - the hip beauty maven that she is - said she spotted this on QVC and heard it did magical things to lashes. Knowing her beauty-obsessed grand daughter, she bought the QVC duo and gave me one!

A self-proclaimed multi-tasker, Hello Lashes 5-in-1 Volumizing Mascara claims to be conditioner, primer, lash tint, curler, and enhancing serum while managing to stay paraben-free, fragrance-free, phthalate-free, and sulfate-free. Some of the characteristics mentioned require long-term use to test, but the tinting and curling properties are easily illustrated by the before and after pictures below. The formula leans wet, so it lays relatively thin coats on lashes. The bristles, however, keep lashes from clumping even when multiple coats are applied. I found the formula to be flake-free, but when I wore it on my lower lashes, there was some minor smudging throughout the day. 

One of the best features about the mascara is the wand. Much like Benefit's They're Real, it has a combination ball tip/want applicator that makes for easy application and allows for special attention to be payed to flared outer lashes and even the puny inner-eye lashes. 

In terms of the long term conditioning aspects this mascara claims to promote, I didn't notice an overwhelming difference between when I started using it up until now. I tend to have long, healthy lashes anyway, so someone with shorter, more brittle lashes might notice a bigger difference. 


Overall, I recommend this to those who are looking for a mascara that performs like Benefit's They're Real. It isn't cheaper by much, but a single tube of this costs $20 and you can buy two for $30, which brings the cost down to $15 a tube whereas Benefit's is $23. If you tend to wear mascara on your bottom lashes, I would steer clear of this as I did notice smudging.While I don't know that my lash volume increases by 430% when I wore it, you can tell they got pretty darn big in the pictures below. 

IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes Mascara

IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes Mascara

IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes Mascara
IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes Mascara - before

IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes Mascara - ball tip on outer lashes

IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes Mascara - after

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