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Monday, November 26, 2012

Crest 3D White Strips - A Fun Challenge, Real Results, & a Giveaway!

I'll admit it: I'm a caffeine addict. And, unfortunately, the only way to get my fix is in teeth-staining, dark beverages like coffee and soda. While I had noticed gradual discoloration over the course of the years I have been feeding my addiction, I never stopped to think about what my teeth would eventually become if I didn't curb my habit, or find a way to reverse the damage. Recently, however, I had the opportunity to see exactly what my teeth would look like, and how others would react to it, when challenged to see just how important a pearly smile is. 

The Challenge: Purposefully stain teeth and see if friends will tell you when you need whitening, like they would if you missed a button on a blouse, or had a crazy foundation mask.
The Characters: Two friends - one visiting from out of town. 
The Setting: I let one friend in on my secret challenge (and put him on camera duty) and told the other that was visiting that something might be different when she saw me next. 

The Results: An initially puzzled expression that led to an immediate guess that there was something "different" about my teeth. Needless to say, she was right. 

While all of this functions as a funny social experiment, it also shows the importance of a bright (or even non-yellowed) smile and reinforces the slogan of the brand that prompted this little challenge: If You're Not Whitening, You're Yellowing. Because of the caffeine habit I mentioned above, stains will gradually accrue on my teeth and if I'm not taking proactive measures to keep them white, they are yellowing. I was given Crest 3D White Strips and decided to see just what these preventative measures entailed. 

I should warn you that I am no stranger to the whitening game. In high school, I tried whitening strips when they were still new on the market and found I couldn't get through more than three or four packs without caving to tooth sensitivity or utter disgust at the goopy consistency of the bleaching gel. With a few years behind me, and tooth sensitivity long gone, I was excited to give these a go and was pleasantly surprised by the results. Bleach goop is a thing of the past with these! In its place is a thin layer of ultra sticky adhesive that lays nicely on your teeth and doesn't budge until you are ready to remove the strips. While the box claims you will se results in three days, it took me until the week mark to notice a difference, but I definitely did! The results are down below with a before picture taken toward the end of summer (when I was still relying on my summer glow to give my teeth a whiter appearance), and the other was taken three days before writing this post. While I didn't have serious staining, I definitely noticed discoloration close to my gum line and, as you can see in the final image, it was completely taken care of at the week mark. I don't know that I will continue to use these daily because I can't collect stains as fast as it removes them. But, I will pop them in once a week to keep the yellowing in check. 

Want to stop the yellowing? Enter to win a pack of Crest 3D White Whitestrips in the Rafflecopter widget below!

Before - notice the yellowing particularly around my gum line

After!  I don't need a tan to make my teeth look white anymore (which is good because my complexion has since whitened as well...)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

FTC: This is a sponsored post for a One2One Network Campaign. I received monetary compensation and product, but all opinions are my own and the results are real!

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