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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Review & Application: Kiss Ever PRO Lashes

Kiss Ever PRO Lashes
For not being a regular lash wearer, I have been trying quite a few new ways to apply them. First, it was the Kiss lash set with strings (embedded below). Now, thanks to Influenster, I've had the opportunity to try Kiss Ever PRO lashes, complete with a nifty new tweezer alternative and eyelash adhesive.

I haven't met a Kiss lash that wasn't well made. Even the more dense lashes have flexible bands and are among the most comfortable to wear for my somewhat sensitive, watery eyes. Those included in this kit are no different. They flair out slighting on the outer corners, come in pretty short in the inner corners, and look relatively natural when worn. My left eye definitely had lash envy when I put the first one on my right.

The glue is exactly the same as their Premium Eyelashes Stip Eyelash Adhesive with a tapered applicator to make getting a thin, precise strip of adhesive on the lashes easy. Plus, I've never had lashes fall off with this stuff on. They stay until you are ready to take them off!

The last item included in this kit is what appears to be a uniquely shaped tweezer. Unlike a tweezer, however, this applicator has a larger point of contact so that you can press a larger portion of the lashes along the lash line, allowing you to work faster.

I found this kit to be much easier than applying lashes as I would normally (although slightly less easy than those with the string applicators) and think that at $4.99 it's a steal considering all of these products can withstand multiple uses.

Kiss Ever Pro Lashes

Kiss Premium Eyelashes

Lashes on the left, natural on the right.

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