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Monday, November 5, 2012

Review & Smellfest: Pacifica Sampling Program

Pacifica Solid Perfumes in Tuscan Bloom Orange, Tahitian Gardenia, and Mediterranean Fig

I am a huge perfume lover, yet I still haven't found my fragrance. It's the finishing touch when I walk out the door every morning, but I still haven't found the scent that says "me". As a girl with beauty ADD, I haven't lost sleep over the fact that this means I need to test multiple fragrances to find "the one". My pocketbook, on the other hand, is less than thrilled. Given all of this, I'm sure you can imagine how thrilled I was to learn that Pacifica has launched a new sample program where, for $2 a piece, you can purchase solid sample sized perfumes. Ever since my first solid perfume experience with Especially by Escada, I've been sold on the thought of a leak-free, travel-friendly perfume. While Especially didn't last particularly long on me, it's far easier to discretely reapply a solid fragrance throughout the day than a liquid (and both inevitably need freshening up, for me). So I had to give these a shot!

The three fragrances I got were Tuscan Blood Orange (because fresh, citrusy notes are great to wake up to), Mediterranean Fig (because it sounded curious), and Tahitian Gardenia (because I never say no to gardenia). I was impressed with the unique tins each came in and, although the amount in each varied - sometimes greatly - there has still been enough for me to use Tahitian Gardenia every day, multiple times a day, for over three weeks now. A liquid sample would be long gone by then!

Now for some descriptions: 

  • Tahitian Gardenia - This heady, vintage-inspired blend showcases the sacred Gardenia bloom, a symbol of love, unity, grace and strength. It's sweet, smooth and slightly citrusy aroma is reminiscent of Jasmine, Sweet Orange and Tea Leaves.
  • Tuscan Blood Orange - In this delectable blend, juicy and spicy Blood Orange is offset with subtle Strawberry and Raspberry notes and grounded in fleshy Mandarin and Italian Sweet Orange.  An orange connoisseur's dream.
  • Mediterranean Fig - Earth meets ocean in this green, full-bodied blend with Sweet Fig, Palm, Cyclamen, Moss and Clove, all set in a luscious Sandalwood base. Sensuous and complex, it's a wonderfully imaginative take on classic fig.
Taste in fragrance is so personal to the wearer, so I'll try to give objective thoughts on how these measured up to their descriptions rather than telling you how much I like one fragrance over the other. 

The top notes of Tahitian Gardenia were overwhelmed by the gardenia that then faded into the secondary scents listed above. Despite containing a hint of citrus, it's very smooth, light, and floral, of course. Tuscan Blood Orange was the sweetest of the three (so sweet that Mr. Making Up the Midwest said it smelled exactly like SweetTarts, the candy). The citrus and berry notes are immediately evident in the top notes, but then fade into a vague spicy sweetness. Mediterranean Fig is definitely the earthiest of the three with the sandalwood readily evident at first whiff and the moss and palm showing up later on. Despite having distinct musk, the scent also has a sweet aspect that lingers until the scent is no longer discernable. 

Poor attempts at fragrance descriptions aside, I can't recommend both Pacifica and these fragrance samples enough. They are the perfect as more than just a trial size and ideal for short or long-term travel. The best part is that there are 17 scents to choose from in the program, so that even fragrance lovers with the shortest of attention spans will be kept buy for a while. 

FTC: Product mentioned in this post are press samples. All thought an opinions are honest and original. This is not a sponsored post. 

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