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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Review & Swatchfest: Kryolan Eye Shadow Primer

Kryolan Eye Shadow Primer
 Earlier in November, I had the opportunity to attend a relaunch party for Kryolan. While there, I was introduced to one of their newest additions: Eye Shadow Primer. As a company long-known for the outstanding quality of their professional products (from stage makeup to body painting), I had a feeling in my gut that Kryolan's primer would stand up to pretty much any test. Sure enough, it quickly became my favorite sheer primer not long after I started using it.

To those who don't know, a primer serves to enhance the pigmentation of shadows and pigments as well as lock them into place so that they stay budge-proof until you are ready to take them off. While many primers are pigmented themselves, Kryolan's dispenses as a white gel, but sheers out into smooth nothingness. Prior to using it, I had always liked using flesh toned primers (a la MAC's Painterly Paint Pot) because they concealed small veins visible through my thin eyelids. After, however, I realized it was because every other sheer primer I had used before hadn't rendered my eyeshadows completely opaque. Not only that, but because I mixed even the slightest bit of pigment that comes in a flesh toned primer with my shadows, they can get slightly muddied and dulled. While that might not matter to someone who just uses primer to get their shadows through the day, a makeup artist or enthusiast will notice a difference.

Kryolan's Primer stays tacky for about 20-30 seconds after application. If you apply shadow while it's still sticky, be prepared for it to stay put after it dries; there is little to no time to blend afterward. If, on the other hand, you wait for it to dry, shadows will be just as pigmented, but you will have more time to work with and blend products. Once applied, my shadows are in-tact at the end of the work day and lasted until I took my makeup off at 10pm at night. This is serious, people. If you are a primer fanatic or are just looking for the end-all in sheer primers, this could be for you!

At the time of my last post, Kryolan was set to start selling products on their website within a month or two and the Primer had not yet been released. As of now, I can't find an ecommerce site for them, and don't know if the primer available in stores yet, but will keep you in the loop when I do! Please check back for updated pricing and sales information.

Kryolan's Eye Shadow Primer currently retails in Kryolan stores for $18 and will be available online when they open their commerce site (anticipated at the end of January 2012).

FTC: This products is a press sample given to me without obligation to mention or review. All thoughts an opinions are honest and original.

Kryolan Eye Shadow Primer

Kryolan Eye Shadow Primer

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