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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Review: Goody Quickstyle

Goody Quickstyle

Goody Quickstyle
If you're wondering what the bizarre blend of a squeegee and hair brush you see above is, you probably aren't alone. Goody's Quickstyle Paddle Brush is like a combination between a brush and towel to help dry while you detangle after a shower. With the promise to remove 30% of water with the microfiber cloth and side vents for maximum air flow (I assume through a hairdryer), this could be just the ticket for a fast blow dry when you are trying to get out the door in the morning.

Each time I used Goody's Quickstyle, it was directly after a show with only a minor towel dry (the usual turban wrap while I'm deciding what to wear). I've always been told to brush wet hair with a comb because brushes are harder on wet hair and can create split ends. While I didn't notice more split ends than ususal, I did see more breakage when using this brush while wet. Keep in mind, I have fine, notoriously tangly hair, so not everyone might have this issue. I went on to use it while drying my hair with my dryer and definitely noticed a difference. So, even if I skipped the pre-blowdry brush and did with a comb, I think my drying time would still be lower than normal (although only very slightly because, like I said, I have thin hair that dries quickly anyway). Structurally speaking, it's huge but very light so it's not any heavier than a normal paddle brush you might use to dry your hair.

If you typically use a round brush to blow dry your hair, they have a solution! There is a quasi-roundbrush with these microfiber bristles you can use to get a little more bounce and curl while blow drying.

The one thing that kind of concerns me is how you clean the microfibers. Over time, I imagine they will become like little towels that haven't been washed. Even if they hold up to their anti-microbial claims, I can imagine they get worn down faster than the bristles which might shorten the life of your brush. I've only been using mine for  two weeks, so I haven't noticed major wear. But it will be interesting to see how long it last before it gets grimy (if it even does get grimy).

For $11.99, the +Goody Quickstyle is on the more expensive side for a drugstore brush. Still, I think if you have thick hair and want to cut down on drying time, this could be for you! Just be careful with brushing tangles out when your hair is wet. It could be a quick way to thin your hair out!

I have the opportunity to try and use Goody's Quickstyle through the Influenster Holiday VoxBox program, but all thoughts and opinions are honest and original.

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