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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Review & Results with Infinity Sun Glow on the Go

Infinity Sun Glow on the Go
At this point in the year, who isn't ready to hop the first flight to Maui and get back to their bronzed summer self? If you are anything like me, Maui will neither fit in the schedule nor the budget, so you need an alternative. Meet my Maui in a Bottle: Infinity Sun's Glow On the Go.

Infinity Sun says of Glow on the Go:

Containing only the most natural ingredients, without harmful propellants or alcohol, Infinity Sun Glow on the go is propelled by air, so it is as safe for the skin as it is for the environment. Enriched with essential oils, antioxidants and botanicals, your skin will be left soft, supple and radiant. Brown with a slightly pink undertone that casts a naturl brown color that looks as if you have just come in from basking in the sun. Suits all skin tones.

This is by far the best smelling and feeling self-tanner I have used in ages (possibly ever). Rather than having the distinct "self tanner" smell (we all know it well), it has a slightly sweet scent that doesn't linger for longer than a few seconds. The air propelled applicator dispenses a soft, even spray that's perfect for even application - especially on the face. 

Glow on the Go can be used as a tan enhancer, however by the time I received mine, I was starting from scratch. Veronique Munro, founder of Infinity Sun, said that the longer you can go without washing skin, the deeper the color will be and the longer it will last. So, to start the tanning process, I began after a morning shower. After applying moisturizer to both face and body, I applied it everywhere liberally. The mist is so even, I didn't feel the need to do any blending on either the neck or face. I took care to rub it into my arms to make sure I covered the hard-to-spray places. It took a few hours for the tan to fully develop, but when it did I noticed - and not in a bad way! I felt like a bronzed beauty fresh off the beach. Bonus: no burn or heat stroke! 

Unlike many self-tanners, Glow on the Go didn't streak or lean the least bit orange on me, so I didn't find that I had to change up the coloring of my makeup (aside from going up a shade or two in foundation). After seeing the results, I was so brazen as to do it again the next day just to push the limits. The results are below! The color gradually faded away within a few days. While Infinity Sun says it can last up to a week, I think my time might have been cut short by all of the exfoliation I do in the winter. 

I would love to see how this performs on others with differing skin tones because it claims to be a "one size fits all" kind of product. While I can tell you I love it for both my face and body, I would be interested to see how others feel. 

Unlike my previous favorite, GlowFusion Micro-Nutrent Face and Body Natural Protein Tan, Glow On the Go wears off more evenly and naturally. Additionally, Glow on the Go's spray nozzle leads to much more even coverage on the face area and it has a more pleasant scent. You can purchase a 3 oz. size of Glow On the Go for $35 on their website. 

Have you tried Glow on the Go?

Before (from the Wet n Wild Coverall Creme Foundation Review)

After two days of spraying after the shower

FTC: This product is a press sample however I'm not obligated to mention or review it. All thoughts and opinions are honest and original.

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