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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Review: Mai Couture Highlighter Papier in St. Barts

Mai Couture Highlighter Paper in St. Barts

Mai Couture is a paper pusher - literally! While they have a line of glosses, the bulk of their collection consists of books filled with sheets that perform various cosmetics feats from foundation to highlighting. I received their Highlighter Paper in St. Barts in my December Ipsy Bag and they couldn't come at a more opportune time given the traveling I did over the holidays.

Mai Couture Highlighter Papier comes in one shade, St. Barts, which is an ultra shimmery peach highlight. Contrary to my first worry in applying these, the Highlighter Papiers applied evenly and easily on all areas of my face. I was concerned that applying it with a sheet would create a harsh look that would need to be blended out with a brush, but that wasn't the case at all! Plus, the glow lasted all day. I also applied these to my collar bones, and shoulders for a night out and loved the effect it created, and I didn't need to worry about getting loose highlight all over my clothing. I would caution those who liberally apply a highlight on the bridge of their nose (like me) because the peach pigment is more apparent and makes it look more like a blush when applied heavily.

Highlighter Papier is $28 and contains 50 sheets. Using a sheet a day, they will last you just under 2 months. In those terms, these might not be worth it to me to repurchase. However, if used exclusively for traveling and they kept my favorite compact highlight from shattering or my loose highlight from leaking everywhere and creating a mess, then they would be worth it. I recommend these to anyone who is a highlight fanatic, loves to touch up during the day, or travels frequently. While I wasn't a paper beauty girl at first, the more I use these, the more I love the glowy finish they provide and the convenience they present!

Mai Couture Highlighter Paper in St. Barts

Mai Couture Highlighter Paper in St. Barts

Used on the cheeks, nose, and cupids bow

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