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Monday, March 4, 2013

It's a sleeve! It's a bracelet! No, it's a bad tan!

Growing up as a young adult in the midwest with fair skin and a sun-conscious mother, I was practically destined for a self-tanner mishap. In an attempt to fight the winter blues my pasty pallor would cause, I ran the gamut of self-tanners throughout college, trying any one I could find that promised to get me back to my summer glow. One in particular left a lasting impression, and not in a good way...

One winter, I was trying particularly hard to look like I had gone somewhere tropical for spring break. In reality, all my friends went to Mexico and I think I actually got a shade lighter. In my attempt to compete, I hit the self-tanner, and I hit it hard. That's when I learned that self-tanner and snow gear don't mix.

As a college student, you have to be prepared to bundle up and walk everywhere, but one thing I didn't count on was what that would do to my tan. After a long day of walking to classes across campus, I came home to remove my gloves, boots, and socks to find that any and all tanner that had once been on my hands and feet were now gone. Because of the heat and friction created from being on the go, the tanner had rubbed off on my gloves and socks and left me looking like I had a tan suit on that cuffed neatly at the wrists and ankles. My roommates were quick to point out that this was a less-than-flattering ensemble and it prompted somewhat of a self-tanning hiatus for a few years.

Considering I probably have upwards of 10 notches in my self-tanner belt, it's a statistical wonder I don't have more stories to share. Still, a girl after her glow never gives up, so I'm prepared to give self-tanning another chance! I'm embarking on a three month mission to get back to my glowing-self with Jergen's Natural Glow Moisturizers - an entire suite that promises heat-to-toe glow.

Check back over the next few months to find out how I'm getting back to my tan self while being sun-safe and suit-free!
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