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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Glitzy Prom Nails to Last Through the Night & Beyond!

Red Carpet Manicure Gems & Jewels
I've recently raved about my experience with Red Carpet's at-home gel manicure Pro Kit, but I wanted to actually show you how I combine long-lasting nail polish with the popular nail art trend in a picture tutorial. Inspired by the Red Carpet Manicure Gems & Jewels Kit, I thought I would put a simple, but elegant looking design perfect for prom. Given everything that comes in this kit, this basic design is just the tip of the iceberg, but I wanted to do something that illustrated the basic gel manicure steps while also showing that you can easily get a more intricate design with minimal time and effort. Bonus: everyone wants a fun night like prom to last as long as possible. Now you can take a little glitz from the night with you because this is guaranteed to last a week or more! Read on to see the tutorial...

Red Carpet Manicure Gems & Jewels

Red Carpet Manicure Gems & Jewels

How To:

  1. Prep nails with the Prep Max Adhesion Sanitizer
  2. Apply the Structure Base Coat
  3. Cure for 45 seconds under LED lamp
  4. Apply a gel nail color of your choice
  5. Cure for 45 seconds under LED lamp (repeat steps 4 & 5 for more opaque coverage - I did)
  6. Apply the shade Thank You Mom and Dad to the tops the nails, close to the cuticle, and drag almost halfway down the nail.
  7. Use the brush to press the platinum chunky glitter close to the cuticle and drag a few pieces a third of the way down the nail to create a gradient effect. 
  8. Cure for 45 seconds under LED lamp
  9. Apply Brilliance Seal & Shine Top Coat
  10. Cure nails for 45 second under LED lamp
  11. Wipe nails with a cotton pad saturated with Purify Pre & Post Cleanser
  12. Apply Revitalize Cuticle Oil to the skin directly around the nail
  13. DONE!

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