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Monday, April 29, 2013

Let's Talk Hair Removal - Getting Smooth for the Summer with Nair!

I don't know about you, but I'm among the fraction who takes a bit of a hiatus from shaving during the winter. While I don't let things get to mountain man status, it's hard to find motivation to shave legs that don't see the light of day for months at a time. That lack of motivation manifests itself on my face too... While swatching some lip products the other day, I found myself staring down a moustache when I went to proof the images. The temporary solution was to quietly turn the contrast down or try and artfully crop around it, but when I stumbled on some unruly brows I knew I need a long-term solution that I could use right away to remedy the problem.

Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Face Wax Strips yields great results for a fraction of the price of a spa. For $5.99, you get 40 wax strips - 10 large, and 10 small pairs - and 4 post-wax wipes. Unlike any other at-home hand-heated wax strips I've tried, Nair Brazilian Clay strips have Perfect Temp™ technology that lets you know when the strips are warm enough to use. Too may times I've not warmed a wax strip up enough and had to redo sensitive areas of my face. Nair strips have a blue logo embossed across the strip that disappears when heated to the right temperature - that also means no risk of burning yourself with wax that's too hot! Just rub the strips between your hands and pull apart when they are ready! The formula also contains mango butter and açai berry to moisturize and purify skin. I personally found that the wax was much smoother and gentler than others I've used, and I'm wondering if those ingredients had a part in it.

Celebrity Makeup Artist Ashunta Sheriff shared her tips for using Nair's Brazilian Spa Clay Face Wax Strips to get the perfect look for summer:

1. "Less is more. A picture perfect look starts with a smooth foundation." Sheriff recommends Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Total Care Face Trio to achieve fresh, clean skin prepped for a light foundation or tinted moisturizer a lighter, more natural look.

2. "Get the Perfect Brows. My favorite part about the wax strips is that they can be cut to create your perfect brow shape." For a precise wax, shape the strips into small strips and place them above, below, and at the starts of the arch to get the right brow for you.

3. "Make Your Eyes Pop. This summer incorporate colored liner into your makeup kit." Bright colors are going to be big this summer, but they draw attention to your eyes. Make sure brows are in top shape with the previous tip!

4. "Get Great Lashes. In three simple steps your lashes will have volume, life and separation for a truly memorable look." Sheriff recommends applying mascara as you would normally, to the underside of the lashes, next to the tops of the lashes, and then wiggling the wand from side to side to achieve maximum lash potential.

5. Waterproof Everything. Prepare for summer showers and heat by switching to waterproof formulas for your mascara, eyeliner, lip liner and cream eye colors. Always set makeup with a waterproof finishing spray to ensure you look great all day!"

Check out the video below where I show you how I'm getting smooth for summer with Nair's Face Wax Strips.

For a girl who does lip swatches on the regular, this has got to go...

Find out more and jump start your journey to smooth summer skin by going to NairLikeNeverBefore.com!