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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Review & Swatchfest: Eddie Funkhouser Quatro Variable Lash Mascara

Eddie Funkhouser Quatro Variable Lash Mascara
A few days ago, I let you know about a new cosmetics line coming from EDDIE FUNKHOUSER. One of the new products coming from the bunch is the Quatro Variable Lash Mascara. With a wet formula and a wand that twists to transform the applicator, this mascara promises to provide multiple different effects, varying from enhanced, yet natural looking lashes to mega long and separated.

While I didn't notice a huge difference between the lowest setting (one dot) and the next, I noticed a huge difference in the way my lashes looked between the lowest and highest settings - namely the former made them appear fuller, while the latter lengthened them. I used Eddie's tips for applying to achieve the results shown below. I wore the lashes below out for the day and someone actually stopped me on the bus to ask me whether or not my lashes were real. Talking to strangers on Chicago transit can mean taking your life in your hands (dramatization, mom!), so it really did mean a lot.

The formula is unique not only in how it works on the lashes, but in how it doesn't move. Truly, my lashes stayed like that all day without smudging or flaking, and it rained every single day I wore it. It almost wears a little too well...not even my Urban Decay Melt Down could fully remove it. What I've found works best is washing with warm water and normal cleanser, allowing the mascara formula to warm up a bit while washing before gently using your fingers or a wash cloth remove the mascara.

I don't have a price point for this mascara, but the entire line will be available at Rite Aid, so I imagine it will be affordable. Given this assumption, I would definitely recommend this mascara! People, someone stopped me to complement my lashes. That might say more about this mascara than I ever could. Products aren't available online just yet, but they are expected to within the week.


Before | After

See it in action!!

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