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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Review & Swatchfest: NYX Natural Eye Palette

NYX Natural Eye Palette
Adding to the wealth of neutral, natural eye palettes, NYX Natural Eye Palette contains 6 pans of subtle shades. Starting on the left, there is a light matte cream, light golden shimmer, light matte camel, light satin brown, light sating taupe, and dark matte blackened brown. While it looks like there is going to some major range from the lightest to darkest shade, all except the deepest shade turn out to be very light and subtle when both swatched and worn. All of the shades are very smooth, but very hard to build. What you swatch is what you get and on my light skin tone, I was hard-pressed to get 2 of the shades to even show up. 

In terms of shadow quality, this palette is great. But when it comes to having a variety of shades, it palette falls short. When I tried to create a look, it was hard to tell a difference between all of the lighter shades on my lid. Not even the shimmery shade stands out when worn. While that might make this a true "natural" palette, I think there is a way NYX could have differentiated the shades enough to ensure variety yet stay true to the palette name. Still, this isn't an awful palette for those that want super subtle crease colors or a light wash of shadow across the lid. 

At $6.99, the NYX Natural Eye Palette isn't terribly expensive, so if you wanted to try it for yourself it wouldn't break the bank. Just keep in mind that it might not provide the same spectrum of shades on the lid as it does in the pan. 

Have you tried this palette? Are you loving it or leaving it?

NYX Natural Eye Palette

NYX Natural Eye Palette

NYX Natural Eye Palette

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