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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Intro & Roundup: Texturizing Hair Powders

Rock Your Hair Bombshell Hair Powder, Osis+ Dust It, and Big Sexy Hair Powder Play
Those with woefully thin or fine hair like mine might know what I'm talking about when I say "hair powder", but hair texturizing powders are a relatively new thing to mainstream hairstyling. That said, I thought I would provide a little intro for those who are unaware and give you a roundup of my current three favorites and why they are different.

What's a Hair Powder?
In addition to functioning similarly to a dry shampoo in the way it wicks moisture away from hair, a texturizing powder can be used right after styling to amp up the volume or the day (or two, depending on how brave you are) to revive second-day hair and remove some of the grease at the roots. More than that though, the dense concentration of powder allows it to add a certain texture to the hair - a "grit" for lack of a better term. Running a little through your roots can get rid of next-day sheen as well as add volume and help your hair maintain a style for longer. And, just as it adds texture to your roots, when applied to the rest of your hair while damp, you can diffuse it to get the same beachy waves that using a sea-salt spray yields.

Now that you know how to use it, here are a few that offer slightly different features, depending on what you want.

Big Sexy Hair Powder Play is a no frills hair powder. It's does it's job and it does it will without any defining characteristics (as the next two will have). Overall it performs well!

Rock Your Hair Bombshell Big Hair Powder is a scented hair powder. It smells like a good, nondescript perfume and is especially good for second day hair that might need a little pick-me-up.  (Code ROCK30 for 30% off!)

Osis Dust It is unscented, but consistes of powder that's much more finely ground, making it harder to over-do it and get a white cast. I find that the overall results are still the same.

Regardless of which one you choose, I fint that they all perform equally well and are a staple in my daily haircare routine.

Do you use hair texturizing powder?

Rock Your Hair Bombshell Hair Powder, Osis+ Dust It, and Big Sexy Hair Powder Play

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