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Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Cashmere Blowout at George the salon

Credit: George the Salon

George the Salon - where the magic happens

George the Salon - the wait space

There's a new blowout in town! George Gonzalez, Director and Stylist at George the Salon has set the standard for hair that's big and billowy, but as soft as cashmere. Nestled in Chicago's North Shore, the salon now offers a new treatment called the Cashmere Blowout! Created by George himself, the treatment includes elixirs and potions rich with cashmere proteins, fortifying oils, and marine derivative rich minerals that leave hair voluminous and full of life, yet soft and so touchable. Don't believe me? I was lucky enough to get to get treated to the experience myself!

My trip to George the Salon started with rinse. After waiting on the plush velveteen couches for my appointment, I made my way to the back room to get a full wash and condition along with a relaxing scalp massage. Once I met my stylist, she made quick work of getting my hair prepped and primed for the main event. She first started at the roots with a texture enhancing spray that contains a blend of cashmere proteins and minerals. Next was a spritzing of a mix containing four good-for-your oils that act as a heat protectant and strand-smoother. Then the blow-drying started. If I'm being honest, this is a very general recreation of what went down because I was so busy chatting (read: begging for the secret to make my fine, scraggly hair grow up and behave) and taking in the view of the city that I only vaguely remember this part. It wasn't until the big reveal that I snapped back to it. Once everything was finger-combed out, I looked in the mirror to see a girl with a 'do that deserved a spot in a hair mag. It was that good. Not only did it smell and feel amazing, but I've never had hair so big - and that's coming from a girl born and raised in Texas.

Because I got my blowout done in the evening, one of my first questions was, "How do I refresh it tomorrow morning?" Simple. A little dry shampoo or texturizing powder at the roots and some round brushing or light work with a curling iron if you feel you need it. Worked like a charm!

This service retails for $50 and I couldn't recommend it more. Whether it's for a company party, a fast-approaching wedding, or even just a confidence boost, this is a more affordable blowout that brings big results - especially for fine hair. And take it from me, you haven't felt a pep in your step until you've had big, bouncy hair.

Check out the results below!



Level up

So. Darn. Flowy.

Second-day hair!