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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Review & Swatches: BA STAR Primer & Chocolate Star Dust

BA STAR Primer & Chocolate Star Dust

As a lover of multi-taskers, I've been a fan of pigments since I discovered them. They can serve various functions in your beauty routine and be used both wet and dry for varying effect. As a former competitive dancer, I understand the need for these pigments to stay put through a tsunami of sweat. While hairspray might have been one of the go-to methods for getting them to stick, it doesn't have to be that way anymore!

BA STAR Makeup is a makeup line designed for the cheerleader, dancer and competitor in us all with a solid line of pigments, glitters, and shadows all made to stick with their glue-liquid base. I had the opportunity to try their StarDust in Chocolate Star Dust ($8.75) and Glue-Liquid Base ($8.75). The combination was magic. To start, Chocolate Star Dust is a gorgeous golden brown that applies opaque, but somewhat subtly dry and really shines when applied wet or over the BA STAR base. What I love most about it is how multi-faceted it is. It works well with other shadows, but is complex enough that it looks like multiple shades when worn alone on the lid. I was equally as impressed with the primer. It's the first one I've used that remained truly sticky for as long as I needed it to so that the pigment would adhere to it and appear as if it were applied wet. I experienced 8 hour wear with not only BA STAR's pigment, but other pigments I own as well. It's quickly becoming one of my preferred bases. 

BA STAR Makeup is reasonably priced as it is, but until 9/31 you can use the code BBDUST to receive an additional 50% off the entire StarDust line. Given my experience with Chocolate Star Dust, I really recommend them. It looks like there are some fun neutral shades as well as some fun colors for those that like to play!

BA STAR Primer & Chocolate Star Dust

Primed | Unprimed

BA STAR Primer & Chocolate Star Dust

BA STAR Primer & Chocolate Star Dust

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