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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Review, Swatches, & Looks: em Cosmetics Beach Life Palette


  • Mostly pigmented shadows with a good variety of shades
  • Good blush an bronzer quality
  • Lip products are smooth, not sticky
  • Both full size case and travel case has some heft with solid magnetic closure
  • Pans are easy to remove and replace


  • Price: $75 - Even if this palette was absolutely perfect, I feel like this is too much
  • Arbitrary pan sizes are inconvenient
  • Small lip products make for a messy palette and frequent refills
I'm torn! I travel very frequently (ironically, I'm in an airport as I type this) and the ability to fit an entire face in one conveniently sized palette is totally appealing - especially when the product inside is good. Still, there were some shortcomings which is something I feel a $75 shouldn't have. Is this good for the makeup artist or traveler? Yes. Is it a must-have for the masses? Nope. If the price was lowered to something of an Urban Decay level (say $55 or $60), then the answer might be yes. 

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