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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

6 Solutions to Your Last Minute Costume Dilemma

It's the day before Halloween and in your desperation to find a last-minute costume, you find yourself staring at your closet hoping you find that Miley-esque outfit you forgot you had. We've all been there. Life happens and sometimes you don't have hours to spare making that next-level roller coaster group costume you wanted to finally do this year. That's when you turn to makeup. Whether you're doing it yourself or having it done for you, makeup can bring out the best (or the best of the worst) in your Halloween costume. MAKE UP FOR EVER is offering up some last-minute fixes to your costume dilemmas this year with inspirational looks and even the opportunity to take the burden of planning your costume completely off your shoulders! 

From October 25th - November 2nd, you can pop into MAKE UP FOR EVER boutiques (both standalone and in Sephora) to get your makeup done - and we aren't talking about a light lipstick application and powder touch-up. This is the full-meal-deal. For $100 (about the price of some costumes that will fall apart before the night even ends), you can get a full face of makeup with lite FX. Skip the costume altogether and for $175 you can get your face, neck, shoulders, and hands taken care of as well. Don't have a boutique nearby? They've provided some inspirational face charts that I was dying to share once I saw them. Check them out below!

For all the tutorials I've done this year, I still find myself clueless as to what I'm going to be this year. Now, I think a masquerade mask or vampire is in my future... do you have your costume planned yet?