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Thursday, October 10, 2013

hello date night! Seriously friendly tips for date prep

Mr. MUMW and I have been at this dating thing for a while. After a little over 9 years, we've nearly perfected the art of the date-night. What I've found is that whether it's spontaneous or planned, there are a few key plays that go into looking and feeling good no matter where we go.
  • Don't be afraid to experiment or keep your look classic - either way you should feel comfortable and confident with what you're wearing.
  • Taking your look from day to date night can become routine - check out the quick tutorial below!
  • Garlic breath is as offensive at nine years as it is at day 1. And for the record, two garlic entrees don't cancel each other out - it just makes you both stinky. Be prepared by giving them a scrub beforehand and taking some fresh breath on the go!
Lately, I've been saying hello to fresh breath that lasts through the night with hello Seriously Friendly Oral Care. The line has super sleek packaging designed by BMW Designworks USA that definitely jumps off shelves and no-sting formulas sans alcohol, so hello's products are seriously friendly on the eyes and mouth. hello toothpaste and hello mouth wash are perfect for everyday use - day and night - and look fab on the countertop, while hello breath spray is a cute egg spritzer that fits in anything from an envelope clutch to a tote. Each comes in a more traditional Supermint flavor, but also offers up some more sassy (and tasty) options like Sweet Cinnamint, Pink Grapefruit Mint, and Mojito Mint. Made in the US and cruelty free, you can find hello in drugstores - check out their site for more retailers!

What are your tips for getting date night ready?