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Monday, November 11, 2013

Makeup Wars: 5 Minute Face

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5 Minute Look #1
This week's Makeup Wars is all about the art of the 5 minute face! Life gets busy, the snooze button gets hit 1 too many times, or you just aren't in the mood to spend all day on your makeup - having a few products that can get the job done in 5 minutes or less is essential. Everyone's go-to combo might be different, but there are a few qualities products can have so that they lend themselves to a great quick makeup look. Check them out, along with some tips, below and then see a few bundles I put together to give you some inspiration (along with a before and after of look #1 just to prove it works!).

 Tips for a 5 Minute Face:

  • Pick a palette. Palettes are a 5 minute face's best friend! The less products you have to reach for, the more time you have to apply. But beware of the mega-palette! Anything more than 8 or 10 shadows can get overwhelming. Duos, trios, and quads can make getting even a smoky look easy to do in a flash - bonus if they come with an application guide!  
  • Be bold. Picking a feature to emphasize can make your look appear more put-together despite taking only 5 minutes. I tend to pick the lips because they are relatively quick and easy to apply, but a thick cat eye or 
  • ...or keep it natural. Keeping things simple, yet polished is another great way to look pulled-together in a pinch. A tinted lip balm and a light wash of shimmery champaign eyeshadow across the lids is always a classic. Just make sure you add a little bit of definition to your look - whether it's in lashes, liner, cheeks, or wherever - to make sure you have enough contrast between your facial features. 
  • Multitask. A full face routine from primer to color corrector isn't always (read: is never) possible with 5 minutes at hand. Get a face product that multitasks like a full-coverage concealer that highlights and covers well so it can cover blemishes and even out skin tone without having to apply a full face of foundation. Another product famous for multi-tasking is the cheek & lip stain - something Benefit and Tarte do well. Oh, and that eyeliner you just smudged on your lash line? It makes a great brow pencil too!
  • Play off your strengths. This isn't the right time to experiment with that new look you just saw in the latest InStyle. Pick something you can do well and fast and go with it! Can you manage smoky, smudgy liner without going overboard? Do it! Can you nail a perfectly sculpted contour in a jiffy? Sculp away. This is a great time to stick to your comfort zone and do what you do best. 
On to the looks!

5 Minute Look #1

1. Revlon Primer + Shadow Palette in Metropolitan
2. L'Oréal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes - this is a great mascara to get va-va-voom lashes with just one coat.
3. it Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer - This concealer does it all. It coveres, cancels, and highlights without looking too heavy if you choose to apply it to only certain areas of your face (like I did in the before & after photo below).
4. ELF Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder

5 Minute Look #2

1. Rimmel Stay Matte Powder - This setting powder has some coverage so a light dusting will even out your skin tone slightly.
2. Wet n Wild Mega Glow Illuminating Powder
3. Burt's Bees 100% Natural Lip Gloss in Starry Night - This shade in particular is great for getting some bold pigment on your lips without having to spend too much time getting it perfect.
4. Eddie Funkhouser Quatro Variable Lash Mascara: Talk about a multi-tasker! This mascara has 4 different settings depending on the lash style you want.
5. Almay Shimmery-i Kit for Browns

5 Minute Look #3 

1. Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation - This is a great full-coverage foundation that also acts a somewhat of a concealer in a pinch.
2. two Cosmetics duo eyeshadow in brazilian
3. Hard Candy Fox in a Box in Sweet & Spicy
4. Buxom Lash Mascara
5. em Michelle Phan pillow plush cushiony lip balm

Before & After With 5 Minute Look #1

5 Minute Look #2

5 Minute Look #3

 photo makeup-wars.jpg