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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Packed Party Unboxing

Packed Pity Party

Everyone loves a care package. Whether it's to celebrate a birthday when you can't be there in person or just telling a friend you miss them, everyone loves to receive a thoughtfully assembled package of goodies on their doorstep. Unfortunately, assembly isn't always easy. I can remember trying to put together a package for my friend while I was in college and despite trying to find cute, specialized items to fit the "thinking of you" theme I had in mind, I ended up with their favorite chips and candy and called it a day. Not a bust considering I've never had a friend in college that wouldn't have loved getting their favorite junk food in the mail, but it didn't have the personalized touch I was after.

Packed Party is a new service (launching November 7th) that takes the guesswork out of putting together a carefully curated care package by offering packed parties for 1 that pertain to a certain theme. Have a friend going through a breakup? Send her a You Don't Need Him Anyway package. Wish you could be there to wish your friend a happy birthday? Send her a Birthday Beb. Needing a pampered night in yourself? Get a You Pampered Thing, You delivered to your doorstep! You won't see what comes in each package before you order so no matter who you send it to, it's a surprise party for everyone. I received a Pity Party - watch the video or check out the pictures below to see what's inside!

Each packed party is $45 and the contents change every 6-7 weeks so if you want to continue sending one to a friend or to yourself, you don't have to worry about repeats. Check out the Packed Party website to learn more about the packages offered!