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Monday, January 20, 2014

Makeup Wars: Lip Rescues & Treatments

As we near the dead of winter, dry, chapped lips are the bane of everyone's existence. They crack, they bleed, they are ridiculously uncomfortable, and -most importantly- make it difficult to get an even application of product. Luckily, there's no better place to get lip treatment advice than a group of women who keep their lips in peak condition for regular rounds of close-up lip selfies. This Makeup Wars, we are sharing our go-to lip rescues for the months that leave your lips parched.

My plan of attack for tackling troubled lips starts with a moisturizing treatment. Bioelements Instant Emollient contains moisturizing Bulgarian rose oil and water-binding Vitamin E to sooth lips and lock in moisture. I like to apply it before bed for a full night of treatment, and follow up with an application right before I start doing my makeup in the morning. Typically I save my lips for last, so by the time I'm ready to apply my liner, lipstick, and/or gloss for the day, I have the perfect pout to do so.

Beyond just a lip treatment, Instant Emollient shines as a multi-tasker too. Initially I started using it when I came down with a bad cold mid-November and breathing out my nose was no longer an option. Every day I would wake up with dry, painful lips, a nose chapped from tissue abuse, and a crepey undereye area caused by dehydrating decongestants and lack of sleep. There was nothing pretty about the situation. Using my finger, I regularly applied the treatment to my lips and nose throughout the day, and my undereyes as I slept, to achieve a not-so-sick glow – very in this time of year!

Under normal circumstances, when I'm not battling illness, I stick to my nightly lip routine and rely on moisturizing lipsticks throughout the day – a key play for any practical glam-addict. Here are 3 of my favorites:

1. Mary Kay True Dimension Lip Balm: I first became obsessed with this line of lipsticks when I tried a deep plum shade for fall. I've been hooked every since! With by far the most pigmentation of the following recommendations, these aren't for the faint of heart. For moisture that packs a pigment punch, turn to these.

2. Revlon Lip Butters: These lipstick-balm hybrids took the drugstore by storm a few years ago and they just won't stop. The range has everything from bold, balmy reds for those who love a burst of color, to soft, supple nudes for those that just want a hint of something to pull their look together.

3. em Cosmetics Pillow Plush Lip Balm: Seekers of subtle shades should check these balms out for a quick application of sheer, moisturizing pigment. 

What are your tips and tricks for handling winter lips without losing your glam? Check out the rest of the Makeup Wars picks below!