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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Review & Demo: Milani Brow Tint Pen

Looking for a precise, yet natural brow tool? A felt tip marker might be what you're looking for! While there are only a few available in the drugstore, Milani's Brow Tint Pen is among the few. Promising long-wearing, quick-drying styling, the applicator has a small, precise felt tip and dispenses product like it's a stain.


  • Stain finish allows for easy, buildable coverage
  • Tapered felt tip creates thin, natural strokes
  • Lasts long when used to fill in, and provide structure to, brows
  • Affordable ($5.99)


  • I didn't get all-day wear when I applied it to the outer tail end of my brows - where my hair is naturally more sparse. 
Overall, if you think this type of applicator and the type of coverage it provides is your style, Milani's pen is well worth the try given the great eprformance! However, if you have sparse brows all-over, and are you might want to consider a product that doesn't need to cling to brow hair to get maximum lasting power. 

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