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Monday, May 12, 2014

CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation, Concealer, & Powder Review

CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous 

Here to keep you covered during the warming spring and summer months is CoverGirl's NEW Ready Set Gorgeous face products! This trio of complexion-perfecting products promises lightweight, shine-free wear - perfect for those of us prepping to get a little more dewy in the coming seasons. Included in the new launches are:

Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation - A medium coverage liquid foundation with a powder finish. The consistency is great for getting natural, somewhat buildable coverage with built-in shine control. While it doesn't completely cover minor hyperpigmentation, it evens things out nicely. Its ability to last all day is impressive - once it sets, it doesn't budge!

Ready Set Gorgeous Concealer - For ultra-natural, barely-there coverage, this is the concealer for you! Its thin consistency makes it very blendable, but it needs to be set with a powder to get long-lasting coverage. 

Ready Set Gorgeous Powder Foundation - Worn as a powder foundation, it provides medium coverage that is limited in how much it can be built without developing an unnatural powdery finish. Despite looking more powdery than the liquid foundation, it had less shine control. While I wouldn't endorse it as a powder foundation, I say it's a must-have as a setting powder! I used it to set my under eyes and have had unprecedented results for a girl who can't seem to go a day without her under eye discoloration shining through her concealer.

Overall, I recommend the liquid foundation hands down - I think it's going to be a real staple in my spring and summer face routine. The concealer I can leave as I need more oomph for my under eye circles, but those that don't mind something with both a light texture and light coverage might not mind. And the powder foundation is a must-have to set trouble spots (but I wouldn't use it alone as a foundation).

Have you tried CoverGirl's new Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation?

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