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Monday, May 26, 2014

Review & try on: SocialEyes Lashes in Vamp, Delight, and Enchanting

SocialEyes lashes in Vamp, Delight, and Enchanting
Karissa Pukas - one of my favorite YouTubers - recently launched her very own lash line: SocialEyes Lashes. Given how on point her lashes (really, her makeup in general) look in all of her videos, I figured purchasing a few would be a sound investment in the beautification of my own eye area. And at $5.95 a pair, who could resist?!

The line has 13 sets of full lashes, 2 sets of half strips ($4.95 a pair), and a set of individual lashes ($3.95 for a set). I decided to go for the following:

Vamp: tapered lashes with varying lengths that get more dense toward the outer lashes. These look lush, but natural given the varied lengths of the lashes.
Delight: tapered lashes with a length that uniformly gets longer toward the outer corner (along with the density). These add a little more drama than the Vamp.
Enchanting: long, defined lashes tapered so the longest lashes are in the center of the strip. These tend to look the most natural when worn. 

Given the price, I am so impressed with how natural the lash fibers look and feel - no synthetic sheen to give your falsie secret away. The thin (and clear in some cases) lash band contributes not only to the natural feel, but comfort I experience when they were on - no thick, rigid band to irritate eyes. They feel well made too. I anticipate getting quite a few wears out of each pair!

Whether you are a daily lash wearer or someone who just liked to indulge occasionally, this is a fantastic line of lashes to draw from. You can't beat the quality for the price, and they ship worldwide! 

Have you SocialEyes-ed yet?

SocialEyes lashes in Vamp

SocialEyes lashes in Vamp

SocialEyes lashes in Delight

SocialEyes lashes in Delight

SocialEyes lashes in Enchanting
SocialEyes lashes in Enchanting
By Bailey B

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