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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Lip Product Addict TAG!


Favorite balm/treatment? Tarte's Amazonian Butter Lipstick offers up the right amount of treatment for the amount of pigment it provides. While there are many "butters" out there - these lippies are 

Best eye-catching red? With so many reds out there, who can pick just one? I have two - the orange-based Bang from the Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick line, and a deep, dramatic blue-based shade from Mirabella's Velvet Lip Pencil. While the UD Lipstick offers a thicker consistency, both are highly pigmented and offer stellar lasting power. 

Best luxury & best drugstore? Best MAC lipstick? My love for the Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks extends far beyond the shade Bang - I love the whole line! Each shade is consistently smooth and fantastically pigmented. They last for ages and leave my lip feeling hydrated - everything you could ask for in a lipstick! When it comes to drugstore brands, I had to pick Maybelline's Vivids Lipsticks. The shade selection is so unique for an affordable brand, yet it doesn't mean sacrificing quality. Of the three shades I've tried, each applied smoothly, with an opaque finish that doesn't dry the lips out. To answer the last question, I don't own any MAC lipsticks!

The most disappointing? Wet n Wild's Vicious Varnish Fergie Gloss Stain is easily the worst-tasting lip product out there. While the wear wasn't awful, I couldn't get past the sharp, synthetic taste of the gloss long enough to wear it!

Liner - yes or no? Absolutely! I'll never say "no" to a lip product, but this is definitely the smallest category in my lip collection. Still, I have my favorites! For long-lasting liners with great pigmentation that don't dry out the lips, I go for Urban Decay's 24/7 Lip Liners, and MAKE UP FOR EVER's Aqua Lips

Best gloss? I feel like a broken record, but Milani's Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss line is at the top of my gloss list. To add some interest and put the spotlight on an unsung hero from my lipgloss collection, I also want to mention Starlook's Lip Gloss in Blush. Like NARS Organsm blush in lipgloss form, it's a gorgeous peach with a strong gold shift, and the gloss itself feels fantastic on the lips!

Something extra! With this free-for-all category, I chose two topics:

  1. What limited edition product would you like to see come back? The La Laqcue and Le Matte lippies from L'Oréal! They were fantastic lip-finds with a drugstore price tag, but were only available through Fall 2013. 
  2. Brand with best overall lip products? Milani! Although I rave about their glosses, they have some amazing liquid lipsticks and traditional lipstick - some of the best in the drugstore. 
By Bailey B