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Monday, July 14, 2014

Review & Demo: Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation

There's a new kid on the drugstore block! Maybelline launched a new foundation within their summer collection that promises to provide flawless coverage as it fuses to your skin for a second-skin feel.

Dream Wonder Fluid-Touch Foundation comes with .67 fl. oz. of products in a minimalistic glass bottle - I love it when brands skimp on superfluous packaging! The consistency is thinner than most liquid foundations, and comes with a tapered dipstick to dispense product. Given the consistency, I would have liked to see a pump dispenser since product has a tendency to drip and spill when using the tapered applicator. I've found the easiest way to dispense it is to apply a good amount to the back of a clean hand and use a brush to apply it to my face from there. Watch the video above for a complete demo!

Despite dispensing as a liquid, it dries to a powder with a somewhat matte/satin finish and provides medium coverage with a little bit of layering. Trying to reach a fuller coverage resulted in a streaky, powdery finish sooner than I could build up the coverage. Those who love to let natural features in their complexion, like freckles or naturally rosy cheeks, will love it! However if you are a full-coverage girl, you'll probably want to skip this one.

While there was some noticeable wear over the course of a day, I noticed it wore away without clinging to dry spots or becoming excessively shiny in others. Not terrible, but not great!

While this foundation wasn't for me (I prefer fuller coverage and more longevity), those that want to subtly even out their skin tone and have a combination or oily skin type might love this!

Did you think Maybelline's new foundation was a Dream Wonder? Tell me in the comments!

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