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Thursday, August 28, 2014

4 Fall Looks with Makeup Academy

You might see some intriguing new displays popping up at a CVS/ pharmacy store near you, and they mean big things for lip, lash, and brush lovers! Makeup Academy - a makeup brand many might already be familiar with - is creating a collection of brand new lip, false eyelash, and brush offerings completely exclusive to CVS/ pharmacy. They gave me a special peek at some of the new products they've created, so I'm giving you the inside scoop with close-up pictures, swatches, and 4 tutorials featuring my favorite lip and lash combinations for fall. Read on to meet the must-have lip combinations!

Look for some of these lash products hitting shelves:

Black Eyelash Adhesive: This fast-drying lash glue is very thin, but very strong, and perfect for blending lashes naturally into the lash line. There is also a clear lash glue sold individually as well.
Glamour Sultry Curl Lashes: These seem ultra-dramatic in the packaging, but add the right amount of drama and curl to a look for night!
Individual Lash Starter Kit: For the lash-lover who wants natural-looking, barely there falsies, these will create the perfect wispy look. They even come with a lash tweezer that I LOVE for applying both individual lashes as well a full strip.
Natural Demi Accent Lash:My favorite lashes by far, these add the perfect amount of flare and curl to the outer lashes, yet blend perfectly into the lash line to look like you are wearing a full strip.
Natural Ultra Fine Lashes: For those that don't mind wearing a full strip, but still don't want anything too dramatic, these are perfect.
Natural Volumizing Lashes: Subtle lashes with varied lash lengths and thicknesses

All of Makeup Academy's lashes have ultra-thin bands, helping them blend seamlessly into the lash line, and making them very comfortable to wear all day, or all night.

In total, there are 13 new lashes and kits launching - there's definitely something for everyone!

Here's a look at some of the lip products you'll see on the shelves:

Anti-Feathering Lip Liner: A soft, non-drying lip liner that keeps lip products from moving outside your lip line.
Color Infused Lip Balm: A high-shine lip balm with a hint of tint that comes from a color-infused core.
Color Intense Lipstick: A richly-pigmented lipstick infused with moisture for so the product glides on smoothly for even, long-lasting wear. 
Extreme Shimmer Lipstick: A shimmery lipstick with a hydrating, balm finish.
High Shine Lipstick: Ultra-pigmented lipsticks infused with Vitamins A, E, and shea butter so lips are extra-nourished.
Lip Color Crayon: An automatic lip crayon that applies a pigmented tint with sheer coverage, and a hydrating finish.
Lip Stain: A lightweight, sheer stain that applies smoothly to the lips and lasts for hours.
Liquid Lipstick: One of my absolute favorites from the line, this is an insanely pigmented liquid lipstick that applies opaquely, and dries to a matte, velvet finish to last for hours - something totally unique to CVS!
Luminizing lip Gloss: Cream-finish, opaque glosses that smooth on with a non-sticky, mint finish to encourage fuller-looking lips.
Moisture Balm: Tinted lip balms perfect for giving dry lips a little TLC without sacrificing color.
Super Shine Gloss: A smooth, pigmented high-shine gloss.
Super Sparkle Lip Gloss: These are some of the most richly-pigmented, high-shine glosses I've ever seen! They manage to provide great color and opaque coverage without feeling sticky or uncomfortable on the lips.

Between all of the new lip products and shades, there are 115 total within the line! I wanted to come up with some looks featuring a few of my favorites, but you can see close-ups and swatches of everything I was given to try below. With Fall fast on its way, I decided to get in the mood and create some autumn-inspired lip and lash combos. Learn how to create each look in the video at the top of the post, and get up close and personal with some of the new lip products with pictures and swatches below!

You can find Makeup Academy exclusively at CVS/ pharmacy - follow them on Facebook and Twitter for more updates, and keep tabs on the latest updates with the hashtag #MUAatCVS!

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