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Friday, August 29, 2014

Smashbox Full Exposure Palette vs. the Full Exposure Mini

With the recent release of the Smashbox Full Exposure Mini Palette, I finally decided to hop on the Full Exposure band wagon and give both palettes a go for comparison's sake - let's say it's in the name of science! I gotta say, experimentation has a new facet of beauty when you're getting 3X the points on your highly scientific Sephora purchase. But I digress - onto the review!

The full size Full Exposure Palette retails for $49 and includes 14 eyeshadows - 7 shimmery and 7 matte, a travel size Full Exposure Mascara, and a double-ended brush. I held off on purchasing this for as long as I have because every time I would swatch the shadows in-store, the shimmery shadows would seem so powdery and fallout-prone. In reality, they are surprisingly smooth and easy to apply. The matte shadows complement them nicely with buttery textures that apply evenly - no chalkiness. Altogether, the shadows create a palette with both warm and cool neutrals that don't fall too far on either side of the spectrum, making this an ideal palette for most skin tones. Really, the only potential downside some might find with this palette is just how shimmery the shadows are. I would compare them to Urban Decay's micro-glitter shadows, but with far less fallout. Additionally, the shimmers can be used wet for extra intensity, creating what's almost an entirely new set of shadows! Check out the tutorial in the video above for a demo using these shadows both wet and dry.

Now let's talk about the Full Exposure Mini Palette. It comes complete with 8 shadows - 4 shimmer and 4 matte, and is packaged in a thin plastic palette about the size of 10 business cards stacked on top of each other. With an even number of shadows falling on both warm and cool sides, this palette is equally as flattering to a wide range of skin tones as the full size version. At $22 however, you are getting more than half the shadow quantity for less than half the price of the full size version (although you are missing the brush and mascara add-ons). The same shadow quality holds true for this palette as it does for the other, but some of the shades are slightly different. Scroll down to see what I mean!

Ultimately, both palettes are a fantastic value with shadows that flatter most, and perform beautifully. However with as many neutral shadows as I own, I'm inclined to recommend the smaller version - especially to anyone who might be looking for an ultra-compact palette filled with the essentials. Still, those looking to build their neutral shadow from scratch will find the larger Full Exposure Palette to be a huge asset to their collection.

Have you tried either of Smashbox's Full Exposure palettes?

Full Exposure Palette | Top Row

Full Exposure Palette | Bottom Row

Full Exposure Mini Palette | Top Row

Full Exposure Mini Palette | Bottom Row

Full Sized Palette | Mini Palette | Full Sized Palette

Mini Palette | Full Size Palette

Full Size Palette | Mini Palette

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