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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Makeup for your hair? This is a must-try.

From the time I was teen admiring Lizzie McGuire's funky hairstyles - crimps and all, I've wanted to be able to experiment with temporary hair color without the commitment. The resurgence of stars like Katy Perry and Kelly Osbourne rocking hot hair hues haven't made things any easier! I've tried big trends like hair chalking and using pigments, but nothing seems to leave my hair as pigmented as I want, or last as long as I would like. It all stops with Redken's new Color Rebel Hair Makeup!

They recently sent over two shades for me to try - Rebel Without a Coral, and Purple Riot. I was eager to put them to the test! With cut and dry instructions, application is easy - just twist and apply! You can layer the product for more pigmentation, and once it's dry you're ready to style. I found my hair had a crunchier texture once I let the dye dry, but after a quick brush through it was ready for heat styling. I was blown away by the results! The application was easy, and the color payoff was awesome.

As far as lasting power goes, these are meant to come out with 2 shampoos (depending on how porous your hair is). I personally washed my hair and found the dye was nearly gone - great for the girl who needs her hair back to its original state for the work week. Alternatively, Redken also recommends using their Hair Cleansing Cream or Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine for immediate removal. With 5 shades in the line, I'm looking forward to trying each one! Because Redken is sold in salons, prices can vary. Check out their salon finder to find one closest to you!

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