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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Review & Demo: KISS InstaWave

The Kiss InstaWave is the latest high tech hair tool to hit shelves, and they provided me with the opportunity to give it a try! I'm always looking for a way to achieve faster, kink-free curls that require minimal effort, so I was beyond excited to be able to give it a go.

This abbreviated curling iron has a shorter barrel, and is completely clip-less, but is surrounded by prongs meant to grab hair, and guide it around the barrel automatically. There are two heat settings, high and low, and a large button that determines the direction in which the prongs rotate - curls can go both away and toward your face.

You begin by choosing your heat setting and waiting for the heat indicator light to turn blue. Holding the wand vertically, place a section of your hair against the notched rim. You can then begin pressing the arrow in the direction in which you want your hair to curl. Then, pull the wand from your hair once it's been completely wrapped around the barrel for 5-10 seconds (I find my hair holds curls best when I hold it for 10 seconds). They say you can vary the kinds of curls you get out of the wand by varying the amount of time you keep your hair wrapped, but I find the size of the sections I curl more-so affects the kind of curl I get.

The only issue some might find with this iron is that, at times, the prongs can't completely grip fine hair. When this happens, my hair will only wrap around the barrel until about half way up the strand. Those that want ringlets that reach from root to tip might find that this tool won't always provide them.

Beyond that, however, this tool stands out to me above other that I've tried for a few different reasons. Not only does it mostly automate the curling process, but it allows you to curl sections of hair that vary in size. This makes achieving different kinds of curls fast, and easy. Additionally, this tool's open-ended barrel makes it very hard for your hair to get caught, and potentially singed.

The KISS InstaWave retails for $59.99, and I think it's worth it for the person that wants to make their daily hair routine a little faster and easier!

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