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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Review & Swatches: TYRA Smize Eye Duo

TYRA Smize Eye Duo

Tyra's Smize Eye Duo is a triple threat when it comes to getting glam. For $29, you get a Smack My Fat Lash Mascara in Le Black (typically $28 individually), and an Oops Liner & Corrector in Black Black Black (typically $26 individually). Overall, a great value! Now let's get into the nitty gritty.

The Oops Liner and Corrector is a dual-ended liner and remover pen - perfect for those just learning winged liner, or the winged-liner lover who just doesn't have it together that morning. On one end is a jumbo liner, that extends down into an extreme tapered tip. It works beautifully for creating both thick and thin lines, and product flows freely enough so that it only takes one pass to apply an opaque line. I also experienced great lasting power with this pen - it didn't budge in the slightest over the course of a day. On the other end is a corrector; a felt tip pen that dispenses makeup remover. If you flub a little with your liner, or always have trouble making your wings symmetric, this is a godsend. That they both come in one dual-ended product is just genius! 

The Smack My Fat Lash Mascara that comes in the set doesn't look so Le Black once the wand is first out of the tube. In fact, it's a mix of a vibrant blue tubing formula that conditions lashes, mixed with a black formula that contains fibers to lengthen lashes. After a few uses, the two colors blend together to create a shade that's essentially black, but supposedly the blue helps the whites of your eyes look whiter in the process. I found this formula leaned on the dry side, and was hard to layer without clumping up on my lashes. Luckily, I didn't think it needed more than one layer to both volumize and curl. Despite containing fibers, I didn't think this formula lengthened my lashes so much. Still, it lasted all day, without flaking or smudging, making it a great formula in my book!

Overall, I give this set two thumbs up, and definitely recommend buying the two together given how much you save. Given my experience with both this set, and the 4-Minute Tyover Set, Tyra's new makeup line is two for two! I have one last highlight and contour set that I'm excited to put to the test. Fingers crossed it lives up to the rest of the line!

TYRA Smize Eye Duo

TYRA Smize Eye Duo | Smack My Fat Lash Mascara

TYRA Smize Eye Duo | Oops Liner

TYRA Smize Eye Duo | Corrector

TYRA Smize Eye Duo | Liner

TYRA Smize Eye Duo | Oops Liner

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