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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

6 tips to wear marsala - 2015 Pantone Color of the Year Tutorial

I recently shared my favorite Marsala beauty picks in this week's Makeup Wars, and a few of you had questions about how to incorporate this color into a makeup look. The red undertones that make Marsala the perfect flush for lips and cheeks can also make you look sickly when worn around the eyes. Here are my tips for making this hue work for you:
  1. Pick your Marsala. Technically, "Marsala" is one color as defined by Pantone's color system - it's described as "a naturally robust and earthy wine red." But, like so many colors, it's not necessarily one-size-fits-all. Find a Marsala-esque shade with cooler berry undertones, or warm brick undertones, depending on whether your own skin leans cool or warm, and your more likely to love how it flatters your skin.  
  2. Make your Marsala. If you don't have, or don't want to go out in search of, a Marsala shade to add to your collection, make your own by combining a berry-toned wine shade with a mid-tone nude or brown. This will allow you to strike the perfect berry-brown balance for your skin tone. Check out the tutorial above to see how I did this to create my lip color!
  3. Start with the Lips. I find this shade least intimidating on the lips. Worn as a light tint, it comes off as a "your lips but better" shade, but it can also be built for some serious drama.  
  4. Work to the Cheeks. Because Marsala is a bold color in its own right, wearing a blush in the shade can be easily overdone. Once you choose your blush, start with a light hand and a fluffy brush to lightly dust over your cheeks. Building up blush is always easier than removing it. That being said, if you overdo it, don't worry! You can use excess product on your foundation brush or sponge to cover some of the excess pigment. 
  5. Brave the Eyes. My #1 trick for playing it safe with Marsala around the eyes is relying on a good liner. Whether it's black or brown, pick a neural shade to act as a buffer between the whites of your eyes and the Marsala on your lid. If you're not big on using a darker liner on your waterline, reach for a flesh-toned eyeliner to cover any pink pigment in your waterline that Marsala might emphasize. 
  6. Nail it. When in doubt, try Marsala on your nails! It's a great way to get used to seeing the shade next to your skin tone, and could be the gateway to trying it elsewhere. For some nail polish recommendations, check out link #10 at the bottom of the post!
Onto the tutorial - here's a complete list of the products mentioned in the tutorial at the top of the post, along with some reviews and links to where you can purchase each. 

Products Used:

My Marsala Picks