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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Review & Demo: Real Techniques Bold Metals Brush Collection

Since they first launched a few years ago, Real Techniques affordable, yet high quality brush collection has quickly become a fan favorite. While they've steadily added more brushes to the original line, they've recently launched a shiny new collection (literally) that aims to fill the luxury brush gap. 

The Bold Metals Collection contains 7 brushes - a mix of tools for both the eyes and face:
  • Triangle Foundation Brush - Similar to a flat foundation brush, the triangle foundation brush has a large flat edge for applying foundation all over the face - but also has edges to ensure product makes into hard-to-reach creases. 
  • Arched Powder Brush - A somewhat flat powder brush ideal for applying setting powder, bronzer, and even blush.  
  • Oval Shadow Brush - A large shadow brush built for patting shadow across the lid. I personally also love this for doing precision work around the face as well!
  • Pointed Crease Brush - The perfect combination of a pencil brush and crease brush, this tool is perfect for diffusing shadow throughout the crease or applying concealer. 
  • Angled Liner Brush - This is smaller than your average angled liner brush and allows for more control when working on the upper lash line or brows.
  • Flat Contour Brush - Probably the most unique tool from the line, this brush is ideal for applying intense contour around the perimeter, and in the contours of the face.
  • Tapered Blush Brush - A smaller powder brush designed to blend blush and highlight.
As far as quality goes, this brush line gets it right. I haven't experienced any shedding - even after washing. The synthetic fibers are (for the most part) very soft and effective at applying product. The one exception is the Triangle Foundation Brush - the fibers were somewhat stiff and encourage streaking when I applied my foundation.

I think Real Techniques have managed to create a great set of unique brushes that fill any gaps left from their original line. While there are a few that I wouldn't call must-haves, I definitely have my favorites: the Pointed Crease Brush and Flat Contour Brush. The rest are wonderful, and absolutely functional, but those were the star pieces to this collection for me. 

Be sure to watch the video above to learn more about how I like to use each brush, any dupes I may have spotted, and how I came to pick my favorites. 

Have you tried the Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection yet?

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