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Friday, February 13, 2015

Dupe or dud: BECCA's The One Perfecting Brush versus ELF Ultimate Kabuki Brush

Given how similar they appear to be, I had to put BECCA's The One Perfecting Brush ($49) and ELF Studio Ultimate Kabuki Brush ($10) to the test to see if you absolutely have to splurge, or if you could save on a brush designed to do just about everything. Created to buff, blend, sweep, and stipple, the unique shape of these brushes is that of a long, flat kabuki, and created to apply primer, foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer, contour, and highlighter. While I could easily justify spending $49 on a brush that claimed to replace every face brush in my daily routine, spending $10 is far more attractive. Here's how the two compare:

ELF's Studio Ultimate Kabuki Brush:

  • Synthetic taklon fibers are easy to clean and absorb less product that natural hair
  • A wider brush makes it harder to do more precision work, and fit into the hollows of the cheeks, and temples to apply contour.
  • Longer, widely fanned fibers make for a slightly less responsive brush
BECCA The One Perfect Brush:
  • Natural "non-porous" hair more effectively buffs product in for a flawless finish, but absorbs more product.
  • Shorter bristles, and a more narrow width make it easier to be more precise
  • They recommend using conditioner to keep hair from frizzing - those with skin that's sensitive to hair product will want to keep this in mind.
Despite requiring a little more work, the natural fibers of the BECCA brush blends product together flawlessly, and the narrow width makes it unbelievably easy to work with - even in the toughest crevices. While ELF's wasn't a total dud, it couldn't accomplish nearly as many tasks as BECCAs could due to the size. If you want a brush that does it all, The One Perfecting Brush is the way to go! If you are willing to throw a few more brushes into your daily routine, and save while you're at it, I've included some of my favorite ELF face brushes below (each just $3 each). 
Which brush do you prefer - ELF's or BECCA's?

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