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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Top 5 in Under 5: Beauty Innovations

Groundbreaking beauty products are hard to come by (which is why it's taken me so long to compile this list of 5). But occasionally I'll come across a game-changer that uses an innovation in packaging, formula, etc. to make it unlike any other product available. While it's easy to fall prey to gimmicks, I've found 5 products that truly use their unique qualities to blow similar products out of the water. Check them out! 

Top 5 Beauty Innovations:

  • TYRA Oops Liner: Surprisingly the first of its kind, Tyra's doubled-ended liner and corrector draws an ultra-precise jet black line, but comes with a corrector pen for those days when your fine motor skills are taking a snooze. 
  • EM Cosmetics Chiaroscuro: With contour and highlight sticks blowing up big in the beauty community, EM Cosmetics was the first to package the two together in one double-ended stick. The best part: The quality is awesome. Both highlight and contour creams and easily blendadble, and lay nicely over liquid, cream, or powder products.  
  • EDDIE FUNKHOUSER Quatro Variable Lash Mascara: A returning favorite, this mascara has a wand that transforms into 4 different shapes to accommodate multiple lash needs. While there are a few similar mascaras on the market, I found Eddie's formula performed the best on my lashes - no flakes, no smudges, no budging. 
  • MYH Cosmetics TOTL Mascara and Liner: For the minimalist that wants to cut down on the number of products in their daily routine, this should be a go-to. With the twist of a cap, what looks like a normal mascara wand transforms into an ultra-fine liner. While there is a little bit of a learning curve when it comes to application, the end results are awesome. Watch the video above for a demo!
  • Dollup Makeup Case: This is easily my favorite product of the bunch - and by far the most unique! The Dollup Case appears to be a normal (albeit ultra-cute) clutch on the outside, but opens up to become the ultimate beauty work station. Inside, you'll find elastic holsters to hold brushes, liners, lip glosses, and more, and a mirror that swings open to prop the case open, and allow you to do your makeup without fumbling for a mirror. The best part: there's a free-form magnetic palette underneath the mirror! Some of my favorite shadows and blushes come in single pans, but get left out of my travel stash because they're more cumbersome to travel with than a pre-formed palette. Never again with a Dollup! 

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