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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Beauty Q&A: Foiling shadows, drugstore liquid lipsticks & more!

Q: How do Makeup Geek Foiled Shadows, NYX Prismatic Shadows, and NARS Dual Intensity Shadows compare?

A: NARS Dual Intensity Shadows are specifically formulated to be used both wet and dry to achieve two different intensities. While NYX and Makeup Geek Foiled Shadows can be used with a wet mixing medium during application, the opacity doesn't change. While all of the shadows in this comparison are fantastic, the NARS shadows offer up more versatility with their formulas, and unique shades. For a come complete comparison of the NYX and MUG shadows, check out the review I did of the NYX Prismatic Shadows!

Q: How do you foil shadows?

A: If you're using a medium you can spritz, like MAC Fix+, you can spray the brush directly, then dip it in the shadow or pigment you want to foil. In my Smashbox Double Exposure Tutorial, I used ELF's Makeup Lock & Seal - a medium with a dropper dispenser. In this case, I like to put a drop or two of medium onto a flat shader brush, then dip the brush into a shadow. However, ELF's mixing medium also comes with a small cup you can use to mix pigment before applying.

Q: Can melt Cosmetics eyeshadows be foiled?

A: No, but fortunately you don't need to! The shadows are very pigmented all on their own. If you rely on foiling shadows to up their lasting power, try applying a primer beforehand instead.

Q: How do Rimmel's Provocalips lip stains compare to L'Oréal's lip stains?

A: To start, Rimmel's are about half the price, and have a significantly smaller shade selection. Both come with a gloss or balm to transform the finish of their respective lip stains, and both have impressive lasting power - I experienced 5-6 hours worth of wear for both. The main difference between the two is texture - L'Oréal's is a tad thicker. Because they are so similar, I recommend checking out Rimmel's first. If none of the shades appeal to you, there's sure to be something for you in L'Oréal's collection!