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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Review, Swatches, & Comparison: L'Oréal La Palette Nude 1 & 2

L'Oréal La Palette Nude 1 & 2
L'Oréal's new La Palette Nudes 1 and 2 are the latest to join the ranks of new neutral palettes hitting drugstore shelves. While they are priced quite a bit higher than the typical drugstore shadow palette at $15, they come with 10 shadows, and nearly double the product by weight compared to Maybelline's The Nudes Palette.

L'Oréal La Palette Nude 1 contains brown-based neutrals that cover the spectrum between light and medium-deep nudes. There's a nice mix of matte, satin, and shimmery textures, but doesn't contain any glittery or metallic shades. The one thing this palette lacks is a stark contrast with a deeper black or gray shade. L'Oréal La Palette Nude 2 is a purple-toned palette that contains a mix of cooler taupe-mauves, and a similar texture profile as the La Palette Nude 1. Why it's called a "Nude" palette is beyond me - I would think you have to be somewhat of a color-lover to embrace all of the purples.

Palette names aside, I'm happy to say that these shadows are buttery smooth! All of the shadows in each of these palettes have great color payoff. The only thing I noticed was a slight chalkiness with some of the matte shades - not the kind of chalkiness that makes for patchy application, but more-so a dry texture that makes it easy for the shadows to appear caky. Still, they are some of the best matte shadows from the drugstore, so it's hard to complain!

Now, let's talk dupes! La Palette Nude 2 was the hardest to duplicate. There really aren't any similarities between it and Urban Decay's Naked3, or Maybelline's The Blushed Nudes - it's far more purple-leaning, and the shadows are overall more subdued. On the other hand, the La Palette Nude 1 bears a striking similarity to Urban Decay's Naked Palette. While there are about 2 shades that are near perfect dupes (check out the pictures for Smog and Virgin below), it's actually pretty different. Just like the La Palette Nude 2, La Palette Nude 1 is like a more subdued version of UD's Naked Palette.

Which L'Oréal La Palette Nude do you have your eye on?

L'Oréal La Palette Nude 1

L'Oréal La Palette Nude 1

L'Oréal La Palette Nude 2

L'Oréal La Palette Nude 2

L'Oréal La Palette Nude 2 + Urban Decay Naked3

L'Oréal La Palette Nude 1 + Urban Decay Naked 1

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