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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

All about extensions + 2 Summer hairstyles!

I don't think my apathy toward my fine, flat, lackluster hair comes as a surprise to anyone. I rarely blog about my favorite hair products or styles because, no matter what, my hair manages to fall flat - literally. Lately, however, I've become OBSESSED with a solution that guarantees great hair. Every. Single. Time. The secret: extensions! To be more specific, these are the two items I've been loving:

Beauty Works 20" Deluxe Clip In Extensions: These are three-weft extensions that offer a little bit of extra volume, and a lot of length. With one three-clip weft, and two four-clip wefts, I find I only have to wear two of the three to get the look I want, but I can throw the third in for extra drama. Made with natural Remy hair, these can be cut, dyed, and styled exactly as you would your natural hair - which makes them easy to seamlessly incorporate in with your natural hair when styling. As far as extensions go, these are some of the lightest I've worn - great for those who tend to get headaches after a day of hair extensions pulling at your scalp!

Beauty Works Double Volume Glamorous Curl Hair Piece: Up until now, I had never worn a hair piece. After learning how simple and easy application can be for such major length and volume payoff, it's hard to go a day without it! This particular piece is synthetic, so it's a little less versatile when it comes to cutting or coloring, but don't put your curling iron away just yet - it can be heat styled!

Watch the video below to learn more about the extensions and hair piece I'm loving, and find out how I like to style them for Summer!

Do you have a secret for great hair? Share it in the comments below!